Spilling the Beans

Ok so I might as well say it, I’m working on a VN and the (tentative) name is Super Taco Crew. Are you happy now?!

It’s about Edgar the Fox Thief as he tries to survive in an oppressive, dark industrial city scape.

I was inspired by the success of other visual novels, and thought it would be a fun experiment and let me exercise my drawing and writing skills. I was not prepared for the onslaught of work it is.

Currently I have written about 70k words and expect it to only require maybe 80k at most. Specifically I want to have a few choices and branching paths sprinkled in, and 2-3 endings.

I have a bunch of character sprites ready to go for the demo, but I’m working on backgrounds. It turns out that backgrounds are a ton of work, and I’m not even making them all that detailed. However, having full control of everything lets me do things like naturally include background characters, or have the backgrounds be precisely what my characters see in the text.

Im just trying to stay focused because I have so many interests pulling me every which way. I would like to actually complete a big project and hope people support it.

I guess that concludes my “update”, or rather soft announcement? But anyways, take care.

Until next time,